Certified Information Systems Security Professional - CISSP

CISSP is the most esteemed and highly honored Gold Standard certification in the cyber security industry, worldwide. The widespread recognition of CISSP in variety of information security management roles, makes its holder very valuable and distinct among the peers. This Boot Camp will provide you with a proven method for mastering the huge range of knowledge. The course will equip you with necessary skills and knowledge, which not only help to pass the certification examination, but also to effectively create and maintain information security strategies throughout your enterprise.

Duration: 5 Days

Past Events

# Events Date Location
2 CISSP Certification Training 16-20 March 2020 Islamabad (CISSP)
3 CISSP Certification Training 06-10 April 2020 Lahore (CISSP)
4 CISSP Certification Training 13-17 April 2020 Karachi (CISSP)